Struggling With Your Own Acupuncture Practice and Unsure What Steps To Take Next?


“Let Me Personally Show You How To Transform Your Acupuncture Practice Into a Profitable and Truly Fulfilling Business!”

“Find The RIGHT Balance For Your Acupuncture Practice!”


Sometimes as an acupuncturist, trying to find the right balance between your own happiness, making a nice profit, and truly helping people can become quite difficult. There can be all sorts of problems or issues that can keep your practice stuck in limbo, keeping it from making more profits or keeping you from being truly happy as the business owner.


Your specialty and unique skills are in the area of acupuncture and helping people, and maybe not necessarily so much on the business side of things. This can include proper marketing, efficient patient management, or even generating new ideas that can add extra profits to your business.


“Don’t worry, if any of these things hit close to home with you and your acupuncture practice…know that you’re not alone.”


More than likely you already have what it takes to achieve the right balance you’re seeking in your business. You just need a little help, guidance and outside support to help you get you there.

Hi, my name is Jordan Barber, M.S, L.Ac, L.M.T. I’m a practitioner, educator and life-long student of Chinese Medicine and the esoteric arts. I currently run 4 successful clinics, have a decade in full-time practice within the acupuncture profession, and have grossed 7-figures annually.

I also teach continuing education classes and have served the acupuncture profession on national and state levels. I’ve been both a board member as well as vice president at the state level, and a previous president of the acupuncture society of New York (ASNY).

Before my life in acupuncture, I did past consulting work with Fortune 500 companies in the IT field. Now I’m mixing both of my passions, acupuncture and consulting, into one.


“I’ve discovered that with my past experiences and knowledge, I’m able to help struggling acupuncturists find MORE balance and MORE success in their own practices…”


I’m not only absolutely passionate about what I do, but I love helping other people. And now I want to reach out and help you with your own issues or problems with your own acupuncture practice.


“Here Are The Exclusive One-On-One Consulting Services I’d Like To Offer You…”


Option #1: Quick Question Consulting Service

During this session, you can choose from a 30-minute or full 1-hour video consultation call from me. During this session we’ll carefully discuss your practice, the issues you may be facing in the areas of: marketing, patient management, demographics, new business ideas, and much more! I highly recommend you choose the 1-hour session as this allows us much more time to dig deeper into the issues you may be facing, and gives me more time to offer you the most effective solutions.

Costs: 30-Minute Session is $100, 1-Hour Session is $175.

Option #2: Finding Your Ideal Practice

Are you looking for a little more direction and clarity as to where you want to take your acupuncture practice? With this option, you’ll take a pre-consult quiz online to help us asses together your personal and business goals, how to find your own “voice” in your practice, lock in on your ideal demographic as far as clients, and even figuring out the most ideal marketing plan (online and offline) that you can implement to boost your current business success.

“My #1 goal is to help you establish an acupuncture business that truly reflects the real you, and not only helps you create more business; but to do so in a way that’s non-invasive and helpful to others.”

Costs: $250 1-Hour Session with pre-meeting survey.


“I’m Excited To Meet You! Are You Ready To Get Started?”